A full day in your kitchen (6-8 hours) could supply you with 3 entrees, 6 sides, and 1 snack or dessert, for example: 

  • Wild salmon with lemon-caper vinaigrette, roasted broccoli, curried sweet potato salad with fig, scallion, and pepitas
  • Coconut curry with chickpeas & butternut squash, brown basmati rice, sauteed rainbow chard
  • Grass-fed meatballs with veg-packed tomato sauce, roasted golden beets, baby greens with creamy fresh herb vinaigrette
  • Chocolate chia pudding with raw honey and black berry reduction

Pescatarian Sample Menu:

  • Branzino with lemon and fresh herbs, curried carrot & lentil soup, braised broccoli rabe with garlic and shaved parmesan
  • Saffron-scented vegetable tagine, quinoa pilaf
  • Black Bean Chilaquiles with tomatillo salsa verde, ready to bake, includes freezer portions
  • Endive spears with sardine herb spread

Detailed instructions for each dish will be provided and I will clean up afterwards. 

The weekly menu can be structured around specific meals like breakfast, bring-to-work lunches, etc.