What is a personal chef?

Think of a personal chef as a professional who prepares meals in advance for you to enjoy at your convenience to suit your dietary needs, health goals, and taste preferences.

Do you cook in my kitchen?

Yes, I am happy to work in your kitchen.

Do I have to be home when you come to cook?

No, you do not need to be home when I come to cook. One of the many reasons for having a personal chef is to make healthy eating and home cooked meals a part of your busy life.

Will you shop for groceries? 

Yes, I will do the shopping on my way to your kitchen. I am happy to plan the menu to stay within your personal grocery budget, and will provide an estimate of food cost with each proposed menu. 

Where do you shop? 

Whenever possible I prefer to work with organic and local ingredients that support the health of our environment and local farmers. If you are a member of a local coop, I can utilize your membership, or use my own at the Seward Coop. I love shopping neighborhood farmers markets, so depending on the day and season, I can make an effort to utilize the farmers market as much as possible. The Environmental Working Group is an excellent resource for understanding what is in our food. They publish the "Clean Fifteen" and the "Dirty Dozen" and that's a good place to start prioritizing which ingredients to purchase organic.

How do you determine cost of service?

My cost of service is based on a flat rate, with a daily minimum of $200. The cost of groceries and packaging is not included and will depend on your preferences. 

The cost of service includes:

  • Client consultation and kitchen review

  • Personalized menu planning

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cooking, packaging, labeling and storing

  • Kitchen clean-up

How do we get started?

Contact me via email below or via phone at 404.662.9873, and we can schedule time to discuss your needs and preferences. We will then meet to take stock of your kitchen and pantry so I can develop a customized menu to suit your needs within the parameters of your kitchen and equipment.