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I specialize in preparing health-supportive meals cooked with integrity and fresh ingredients.  I am inspired by each season to create meals suited to my clients' preferences, dietary requirements, nourishment, and pleasure. I work with many diets including gluten free, keto, vegetarian, vegan, candida, paleo.  My cooking style emphasizes fresh organic produce and local, sustainable meat choices when included in the client;s diet. I incorporate gluten free whole grains, herbs for bright flavor, healthy fats like coconut oil & grass-fed butter, and unrefined sweeteners. 

After several years in the restaurant industry in Atlanta I moved to New York City in 2014, and completed The Natural Gourmet Institute's Chef Training Program. I spent the next three years in New York building my business and gaining valuable experience, and I now serve the Twin Cities as a personal chef. I also do freelance private cooking classes, in-home catering and events, private dinners, and occasionally travel as a chef for weekend retreats and collaborate with other food and service professionals for larger events.

It's been over a decade since health issues led me to adopt a gluten free diet, which is when my passion for cooking nutritious meals became a necessity in regaining my own health and strength. It is truly a joy to be helping clients (many with families) discover nutritious eating at home. 

A few perks of working with me: All of the stocks and broths I use are made from scratch and stored in glass quart jars. I collect all compostable scraps for municipal pick up. Recyclable packaging comes home with me when clients don't have recycling. I shop with reusable bags and limit use of plastic wherever possible. Every little bit counts!